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Hey guys, thanks for dropping by my blog/vlog!

I am a long time resident of Makati City and have lived in Makati all my life. I completed my secondary education at International School Manila and my tertiary education at De La Salle University Manila obtaining a B.S. Major in Manufacturing Engineering and Minor in Management (BS-MEM).  I worked for Intel Corporation for 17 years and a little over a year for Globe Telecom. I acquired a PRC Real Estate Broker License No. 26018 as well as a PRC Real Estate Appraiser License No. 8951 (#7 in the board exams).


The purpose of this website is to post content about life in Manila, real estate, travel and things that inspire me or help me find meaning and happiness in life in hopes that maybe you learn a thing or two or just get entertained with whatever I am doing.

Feel free to connect with me or contact me:

1. The website www.greatancheta.com where I focus my passion helping my clients in their real estate needs.

2. The website www.planetgreat.com where I post about food, travel and real estate and life in Manila.

2. YouTube Channel: Planet Great that focuses on food, travel and real estate.

3. Facebook Page: Great Ancheta / Planet Great that focuses on food, travel and real estate.
4. Instagram Account: @GreatAncheta that focuses on food travel and real estate.

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Great Ancheta

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