Thursday, December 26, 2019

Paying Real Property Tax in Makati | Planet Great | Great Ancheta

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Hope this video helps you prepare and pay RPT!
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So as usual end of the year and time again to play real propert tax. This tax is for owning real estate in the Philippines. Typically best to pay for the whole coming year cause you typically get a big discount. Else you can pay quarterly.

Step 0 - Make sure to prepare your previous year real property tax assesement and receipt or if it will be the first time to pay bring your tax declaration. Then proceed to City Hall in the link below and head up to the 2nd floor for Real Property Tax Section.

Note: There is a senior citizen queue, just ask the local people assisting. Also payments can be made using cash, personal cheques, managers or casheirs cheques, just pay attention where the queue is for the appropriate manner of payment.

Step 1 - visit the assessment counter and present your documents for them to provide to you a new assessment for payments.

Step 2 - get a queue number and wait for your number to be called and then pay acccordingly and claim your receipt.

Makati City Hall location -

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