Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Hello World!

I was born in the year 1973. Not sure who took this picture but probably it was my Dad. He always loved taking pictures.

I was born into a Filipino Chinese family. My mom being Chinese and my Dad being Filipino. I can only imagine what my parents had to go through to get married at that time. I would think Chinese families are ultra-conservative so they typically marry their own kind here in the Philippines. I have heard stories from my Mom and Dad. Let's save that for another time!

Here's Mom and I in her arms on a bed. She looks pretty happy in the picture. She probably put on a lot of weight so that I would get enough nutrients. I remember growing up and she would buy anything I wanted to eat. Of course when going out and eating she would be the one the finish the left overs so that no need to take anything home. My parents I believe were renting a house first, then they  got their own  place. Believe this was at the rented house in the picture. My Mom's clothing I believe is a batik print and I guess was in fashion in the 70's. I had a batik shirt before and wore it to school a couple of times. Thanks Mom for bring me into this world!

Here's Dad and I on a bed. He looks mighty proud to have a baby boy his first born son! It's a big thing in Chinese families to have sons you know. I could probably be the peace offering to my Mom's father. Again he is sitting on the same bed that my Mom was sitting in. They maybe took turns taking pictures of each other. My father was a very humble man but a good a disciplining his children. He knows what he wants and has sacrificed a lot to get where he is. That's probably another story to tell.

Here's my Grandma, together with my Mom and Dad. My Grandma was always supportive of me and I have fond memories of her while growing up. We would visit her every Sunday! We would sit around the dining table. Their table was always filled with food and softdrinks. I would always be offered lots of food. An uncle of mine would always greet me every time we would visit. He would say "Hey fatso!". I didn't let it bother me. But anyway that's another story to tell.

Here's a picture of all my Aunties! The sisters of my mom! I guess as I child I am destined to be always surrounded by women! I wonder why people during this time didn't smile much. It's only the two solo shots above with my Mom and Dad where they were smiling. But I guess family photos maybe are considered to be more solemn and more serious? Maybe. My Mom was probably very happy all her sisters and her mom came over to show support.

While I was growing up to this very day people are mostly off about my ethnicity. They just can't place me. In the 1980's when there loads of Japanese around people think I was Japanese. In the more recent years people think that I am Korean. But what ever the case I have to keep explaining things every time I meet new people. I am used to it.

With my parents gone. All I have are pictures and some video. Rather than them gathering dust in a box somewhere, I am sharing bits and pieces of my life. Sharing observations, insights, ideas, thoughts that maybe you can relate to.

Would love to hear your reaction to this post in the comments below.

Have a GREAT day!

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