Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Halo Halo - Digman Bacoor Cavite

If you should make your way to the Philippines. One stop you must try is Digman Halo Halo in Bacoor Cavite. I grew up eating this!

But wait what is "halo halo"? 

Halo halo in English means "assorted" or "mix-mix". It is one of the well known Filipino desserts that is usually suggested to visitors. Since it has various ingredients it actually looks like a dessert salad. There is literally a mixed assortment of ingredients that go into halo halo over shaved ice! This dessert food is what I typically also recommend to people visiting for the first time in the Philippines.

Halo halo recipes

Halo halo ingredients include nata de coco (coconut gel), langka or jackfruit,  kaong (sweet palm fruit), pinipig (grains of glutinous rice which are pounded flat), leche flan (pudding), flavors of ice cream usually ube (purple yam), sugar, milk, condensed milk, jello in various colors, macapuno (strips of coconut meat in syrup), mongo beans, white beans, sago or tapioca, banana and the list keeps going on. When you visit a halo halo store the ingredients are usually lavishly displayed in bowls like a dessert buffet.

Do note that the halo halo recipe may vary per region so for example in Pampanga they have a famous halo halo from Razon's which pretty much consists of banana, milk, sugar, condensed milk, leche flan over super fine snowy shaved ice! So delicious.

Even the local fast foods have their own version of halo halo. For example Chowking halo halo is very affordable and is available at all Chowking branches. Chowking is a Chinese fast-food that has many branches all over the Philippines. They have a pretty good halo halo.

Our neighbors

As I was growing up I only knew about halo halo in the Philippines and then later on as I started to travel I realized that our neighbors in the neighboring countries have their own version!

For example Malaysia and Singapore and I believe other countries have their halo halo called Ice Kachang with various options also for toppings.

Halo halo at Digman

I  was fortunate enough to have a client living in the area of Digman a Barangay in Bacoor Cavite in the Philippines. I used to think that the halo halo was named after a person. I only then found out on that day that it was named after the Barangay and Street! I had to reprogram my brain for this. Grrr

I was also lucky enough to meet the current owner who is the son of the original owners. I felt embarrassed as he served us but was glad to strike up a little chat and learn about him and his family.

We voraciously finished the halo halo and also had some pancit. The pancit was sooooo good!

Anyway if you do find yourself in Digman Bacoor Cavite or if you want to plan a road trip down south do consider visiting Digman Halo Halo!

Do enjoy watching my short video below.

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