Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Black Canyon Coffee - Thai Restaurant

This Black Canyon Coffee branch is found in Ayala Malls the 30th along Meralco Avenue in Pasig. The restaurant is found on the top floor near the movie theaters. It services fusion Thai Cuisine!

I am a fan of Thai food so I just had to try this place out! I was in Bangkok and I think I saw this place out of the corner of my eye also. But I didn't get a chance to try it there. Fast forward to today and it is now in Manila!

Right at the entrance they have a standee showing that they have won a Pad Thai World Championship. This kinda drew us into the restaurant! Though must confess we didn't order the Phad Thai since well we wanted to try the other dishes.

We quickly got ourselves seated and grabbed the menu and proceeded to order. From the menu you can see that they have a wide array of choices from soups, salad, steaks, noodles, rice dishes, rice toppings, as well as traditional Thai ala carte dishes.

I was pleasantly surprised that they have a section on menu for dishes that have a health balance of items from 5 food groups. First time for me to see something like this.

Next up are pictures of what we ordered.

So this next picture is the curry prawns with chicken, mushrooms and chili. I must say the curry was just ok and it paired well of course sticky jasmine rice! I was originally not going to eat it with rice but realized you can't just eat curry by itself! My friend reminded me. So we shared a cup of rice.

This next dish is a favorite of mine. The prawn cakes!These are crunchy on the outside and soft and savory on the inside and goes well with the sweet chili sauce that accompanies it. Next time I visit I will be sure to order this again.

This next dish is the Tom Yum Pasta. I probably was expecting a lot given I love Tom Yum soup. The soup was good and flavor was spot on like the ones in Thailand. I didn't much care for the pasta in the soup. I dunno it felt like out of place. Felt that flat noodles would have been better to soak up more of the flavor.

Since the place is called Black Canyon Coffee, well you guessed it! They have coffee. I have yet to try their coffee. We decided to not get coffee when we visited as we were probably craving for some milk tea instead. If you do get to try, let me know what you think about their coffee.

Also they have various cakes in their display case like sansrival, blueberry cheesecake, and others. We also didn't order this cause we were already full from the rice and the pasta =). The cakes would probably go well with their coffee.


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So if you have tried this place let me know what you think. What's your favorite dish? What are other thai restaurants that you would recommend?

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