Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Splitwise - split bills easily!

Ever have these problems?

  1. Calculating how much everyone owes everyone after a family style dinner with friends
  2. Calculating how much everyone after a vacation trip with friends
  3. Going through all the receipts and determining how much everyone owes
  4. Reminding people how much they owe
  5. Wondering where to store all the receipts

Well have no fear! Splitwise is here!

  1. Create a group (e.g. April Summer Hong Kong Trip) and add friends via email or if no email just add their name
  2. Save each transaction along with photos of receipt 
  3. Define how to split the expenses be it equally or percent or other option
  4. Settle with each other once someone pays someone physically outside the app
  5. Everyone receives reminders monthly on balances
  6. Choose to remind people to pay you within the App.


Get this app now!

I have used this app many times on my trips and boy oh boy it saves so much time and effort using a calculator or going through many receipts!


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