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10 Reasons Why I Scan and Cleanup Documents with CamScanner!


A lot of things are in digital format these days! I used to remember carrying so many books back in high school from class to class. These days people are using tablets, phones to access ebooks, documents or what not in a digital format. Wow and no need to carry so many books to the next class.

Likewise in various corporations a lot of things have gone digital in various digital libraries, online training, video etc. Look at the bookstores around and they are sad to say reducing in size. I know where are still a lot of people who prefer hard copies of things though. But hey let's save the environment! Save the trees!

As a real estate broker I come across many many many documents from titles, to tax declarations, lot plans, vicinity maps, letters from buyers or sellers or lessors or lessees. I typically scan all these documents and keep them on a google drive so that I can pull them up anytime I want on any device that I have. You might say it's a lot of work but with this app below it becomes a breeze.

But first let's look at some pain points

  1. Maintaining many hard copy documents at home which takes a lot of space and pages tend to deteriorate in the long term. - Don't you wish you could digitize all these documents and store them somewhere so that you can pull them up anytime. Of course you must take into consideration the document retention policies, laws when it comes to certain documents. But for all those other documents that fall out of that scope. What to do? Meanwhile you have file cabinets of documents that are gathering dust and in the long term will deteriorate due to mold, or dryness etc.

  2. Creating a new document based on the content of a document image sent to you - Having to retype a document again is a pain! If only the sender or the person who originally made the document would send a copy of the original raw document so you can just edit it to suit your needs! Of course another way to go about it is to find a copy on the internet. But shucks the one that was already sent to you its what you need. And maybe you are a slow typist like me!

  3. Using scanned document images with poor quality i.e. angles, lighting, etc. - You receive working documents that you are supposed to work to produce some out put. But all images sent you are of poor quality. You can hardly make out some portions of the image. You can try to tell the person to scan those images again and send them and then try to review those images again.

  4. Scan many pages that even working with a flat bed scanner is a pain - So you are supposed to scan multiple pages of a book and you have those flat bed scanners with the cover on top. You are lift the scanner cover, put the book face down then close the cover, scan the open faced book, lift the scanner cover, turn the book page and repeat the process. This is very time consuming.

  5. Sharing document images with others and miscommunication - When sending multiple images to others as attachments and then discussing with them about each page image you have to always try to call out which image you are referring to all the time else they might be looking at the wrong image.

Great things about CamScanner

  1. Scan documents with your phone into the app. - this is great app used for scanning any kind of document, simple formatting and clean up and saving it in to the app. I super love this app as it has made my life easier. No need to get copies of paper documents for your own keeping that will pile up back home and would go crazy with! Digitize documents right away!
  2. This app can scan by batch i.e. multiple pages all in one go - need to scan a document with several or numerous pages? Well this app can just do that. It can scan multiple pages one by one all in one go! Switch on the app, start the camera, select the batch mode instead of single and get started to scan page by page. At the end of the all the scanning you can review all the pages that were scanned and do the clean up work as called out by the next items in this outline.
  3. Trim out he excess parts you do not need in the captured image - So what if you want to trim out some undesirable elements in a particular page that was scanned? Have no fear there is an amazing crop feature that can automatically select the 4 edges of the document (if the app can recognize it), or if not then you can manually help the app identify the 4 corners of the page. This manual identification comes with an amazing zoom in so you can immediately pinpoint the right spot where the edge is! After selection of the 4 edges then confirm to continue and the app will automatically stretch the image accordingly to somewhat update the image as if you took the image flat from the top. Magic!
  4. Choose a filter you would like to apply to the captured page. - The app comes with various filters to choose from depending on what you want to do. There are filters to amazingly remove shadows, sharpen the text and image, maintain the original image, lighten up a bit, black and white etc. These filters are amazing specially in the case of old documents that maybe hard to read, sometimes the filters clean up a bit, case to case basis of course.
  5. Email out or save to your cloud storage a PDF of the document - so you are done with scanning and editing the images to your liking. You can immediately email out the document to your self or to someone else. The application will create a PDF automatically to send via your email configuration settings on your phone. I typically use this when I want to just get a PDF copy and send it to someone and copy myself. However there are cases I just want to archive the document so I typically use the share or upload feature to create a PDF and upload to Google Drive. Do note if you do sign-in using this app, the app also stores what ever documents are retained in the app to it's online storage also so you have a back up. It is also good to note this app allows you to choose the size of the PDF file as well be it the original size or lower quality size.
  6. Use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature to extract text from the image. - There are cases where I have a document and I don't want to retype the whole document again. So I use this feature by first scanning the document with the app and then activate the OCR in the app to read the scanned document. The OCR then spits out the text giving you some options. This saves so much time so you won't have to retype the whole document again. Please note the quality of the image directly corresponds to the quality of the output of the OCR. Will capture some tips below on how to take a good pic of a document below as well.
  7. Save pages as images to the camera role - I love this feature. Say you need to send a single page to someone else and rather than sending a PDF you just want to send the image and preserve all the formatting. So rather than creating a PDF still, you can save the specific page into your camera roll! Saves you time from sending a PDF still.
  8. Rearrange the order of scanned pages - So say you were scanning documents and realize the page numbers were mixed up after finishing your scanning. Camscanner allows you to rearrange the order of pages manually using drag and drop on your phone! Switch on the rearrange mode and hold your finger on a page you want to move for a second or two and then drag the page to its rightful place. Do the same thing with the rest of the pages and when you are done then exit out of the mode.
  9. Add existing images from your camera roll into CamScanner for processing. - This works great for cases that someone already scanned a document in various images and sent the images to you. Save all the images into your camera roll. Launch the app and then use the image import button to select images to import to create a new document. After a new document has been created and the images imported already, do the usually editing each page until they are they way you want them to be.
  10. Move pages to create a new PDF - Say you scanned so many pages but you want to group pages into separate documents like in the case of different chapters or topics or sections of a book, presentation or document. There is a move feature to do just that.. Switch on the mode, select the documents you wish move to another document and select move to create that new document. Easy as pie! 

Tips on Scanning Documents Using Camscanner

  1. Flat surface - Make sure your document is placed on a flat surface so that the resulting image won't need any post scan editing.Even if you are taking a picture the document standing up put it on a wall to a fix the document on a flat surface.
  2. Lighting - Make sure to have sufficient lighting. If there is natural lighting make use of it. Natural lighting is the best. If there is no natural lighting make sure to use what ever lighting is available including the flash of the camera.
  3. Shadows - There maybe objects around that might be casting shadows on the document you are about to scan. Get rid of them or move them out of the way. This includes people roaming around as well!
  4. Angle - Make sure to take a picture from right on top of the document. Take note of the location of the camera of your phone vs. the center of the document. This way the image captured won't be skewed and require you to do some more editing post the scan.
  5. Reflection - There are cases where your document maybe covered by some plastic film or you are really capturing something on plastic. Usually for such cases if you take a picture you might capture reflection of light from light sources. So make sure to check in the camera that there are no light sources showing or glare form light or reflections of other objects.That way the document is captured properly. 
  6. Storage space - Make sure you have enough storage space on your phone. Each page is after all a high resolution image (depending on what you set as image quality). If you are scanning a lot of pages you want to make sure that you are not interrupted from your scanning with a pop up saying you are out of storage space.


Here are a couple of videos to help inform your of what CamScanner can do.


I really love this app and I have used this app to do all above to improve my productivity and of course also save the environment! I do hope you enjoyed reading this article as I have enjoyed making it to share what ever I love about the app. I have included links down below to download the app for your convenience either from the iOS App store for Apple users and Amazon for Android users. I do hope this app will help you be it in your personal or professional live and also your business!

If you have any comments or feedback about the product would live to hear from you! Leave a comment down below!

Download from the iOS App Store!

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