Wednesday, August 29, 2018

10 Reasons Why I Use Gmail

I used to have other email services, but once I discovered Gmail, I didn't have a reason to have the other services anymore! Unless you can give me a reason!

What's Great about Gmail?

  1. Manage multiple emails in one interface! - if you have multiple email service hosts chances are gmail can just connect to them, import those emails into gmail and you can reply from the gmail interface!

  2. Access email on the go or at your desktop: Gmail has its Web version. It also has apps for Android and iOS! So what ever device you are using it has tools catered for such use.

  3. Compared to its rivals email for some reason gets transmitted faster in Gmail. I have since then always used gmail to send email. I have consistently experienced problems with the other email service providers i.e. my target recipients have not yet received the email, email sent to me are delayed. Even if I check the spam/junk email folders there is nothing there from my end or my client's end. It really is frustrating. But when gmail came around this is a problem of the past. There maybe some problems though if you are using gmail the person you are emailing with is not using gmail =)

  4. Insert signatures automatically - Though other email providers provide for such functionality, gmail can be customized down to email account you connect to gmail.

  5. Searching for email is a breeze - As with other email service providers there is a search function to find email as well as an advanced search feature for more customized searches. There are even ways of entering parameters in the simple search field to find what you want.

  6. Integrated with Google Calendar to invite people to meetings - Google Calendar is integrated with Gmail. Either simply create a calendar item from within gmail or create and new calendar item and select the people you want to notify

  7. Integrated with Google Contacts to create mailing  lists - Google Contacts is integrated with Gmail. While creating new emails to new contacts you can add these new contacts to your Google Contacts or when creating a google contact you can email them as well.

  8. Drag and drop files into the desktop interface to attach files - If you have file explorer open and you want to attach them to an open email you may just drag and drop the file into the email draft to attach rather than having to click on the paperclip icon to find the file. Well one improvement though that I would suggest is a copy and paste feature from windows explorer to the gmail email draft which doesn't exist to date =) But otherwise the drag and drop works well!

  9. Mark important emails with a star - you can mark an email with a star to filter and keep track of open items or for what ever purpose

  10. Emails are groups into conversations - I just super love this feature and see this already with all other email service providers. This keeps the thread together and also you can immediately see who replied when vs having to hunt in the latest email's attached thread for what happened.

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