Friday, August 31, 2018

5 Reasons Why I Use Camera Plus

Reasons Why I Love Camera+

  1. Filters - Has various filters to use depending on the situation which you can apply to the picture after having taken the picture. E.g. beach, flash, macro, night time, cloudy, etc.
  2. Selfie flash - The app can use your mobile phone screen as a flash in case you are in a low light situation like out at night.

  3. Lightbox - The app can store the images for your processing in the app before saving them to the camera roll. Perfect if you want to separate finished pictures vs. pictures you haven't fixed up.
  4. Level indicator - there is an indicator to let you immediately know the tilt of the camera.
  5. Save all option - there is a save all option to move all the pictures into your camera roll. You don't need to do it one by one.


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