Friday, August 31, 2018

5 Reasons Why I Like Nanbantei of Tokyo Japanese Restaurant in Makati

Reasons to like Nanbantei of Tokyo

  1. Complimentary veggie sticks - once you get seated and put in your orders they give you these complimentary veggie sticks of cucumber, turnip and carrots. It may vary per branch. The sticks are nice and cold and go well with the miso paste sauce as well that they serve.
  2. Grilled food - I absolutely love grilled food. Especially if it's Japanese grilled food. I have memories of hanging out in the Ginza District in Tokyo and hanging with friends underneath the railroad tracks at a little restaurant that's open air. We would order grilled food and have some plum wine. It was magical in the cold weather.
  3. Platters to share - My favorite platter is "The Bestsellers", check out what is included in the video below. Typically I don't order rice anymore since it comes with corn. I usually tell them to shred the corn from the cob already =).
  4. Various condiments available - If you need chili, pepper, salt or what not they have it at this restaurant right in front of you. They are not stingy with the condiments. Just as for more miso paste sauce if you need a refill.
  5. Very attentive staff - Every time I visit this place I have no complaints about the fast and efficient service. The staff is also very friendly.

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