Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Just wanted to give you a different angle to see the blue sky and the clouds. It was nice and sunny at Naked Island. 😎

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Here's the tip of the island where waves are coming from both sides. 🌊 Captured on video in my bio link @greatancheta

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I continued to sit by the seashore watching people swim while the waves kept on washing my feet inviting me to jump in 🌊 ☺️ I keep thinking how simple life was before without all the technology. This connecting instead with nature recharges me and makes me realize we are one with nature as well. Just rambling here 🀑

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I've always enjoyed just sitting on the side under the palm trees 🌴 at a beach watching people passing by, the sand , ocean, horizon, blue skies, the cloud formations and my friends doing what they are doing. It's my moment of stepping back and appreciating life, my friends and nature around me ☺️

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Monday, May 21, 2018

Here's the other side of this small island in Siargao 🌴

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Island hopping with the gang in #siargao

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Just wanted to capture a shot of plants growing on Guyam Island Siargao. These little things at times we take for granted.

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So our Siargao island hopping adventure started with Guyam island ahhhh a petit island 🌴 with white sand. 😍 Posted a πŸŽ₯video in my IG bio link πŸ‘‰@greatancheta πŸ˜€

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Blue skies, white sandy beach and cool clear waters to swim in πŸ˜€ what more can you ask for?

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Cool how that large rock at the edge sits atop of that small rock.

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Saturday, May 19, 2018

This dog was following me around the resort while I was creating my video. Hello Dante from Coco hahah good boy !

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Made a new friend hahaha 😜

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At the top of Cloud 9 Surf Tower! Just the right number of people to appreciate the 360 views. While they appreciate those views, my time to appreciate the lines, shadows , frames of the structure :-) 😍😏

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I was saying something and ended with this smug face on the beach at the resort. What did I say? Hahahah for you to find out in the video walk through I made of the amenities of the resort we stayed at in Siargao. Enjoy πŸŽ₯video in my IG bio link πŸ‘‰@greatancheta πŸ˜€

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Love the silhouette of the palm trees, plants, man, dog in this picture with the beach in the background.

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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Don't you love burying your feet in beach sand? Sharing in this pic how powdery the sand was in Siargao. Ahhhhh it felt sooooooo good to sink my feet into the sand once more! It felt like a nice warm-cool blanket on my foot! Warm outside cause of the sun and cool underneath! Hay Sarap! 😍

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Waaahhh this cute Siargao beach doggie dropped by our table to watch us and give his sad puppy dog 🐢 face. Wahhh look at his eyes 😭 melts my ❤️

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Infinity pool, white sand beach, billiards table, bar, restaurant with amazing lechon kawali, aircondition rooms and tv, super friendly and kalog staff and view of the sunrise πŸŒ… in Siargao! Got their only beach front room for 4. 😍 has a hammock in front .

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TimHoWan Glorietta Makati

We got to the resort in Siargao and got welcome drinks a whole coconut! Bwahaha I love coconut water! Checkout my latest πŸŽ₯video in my IG bio link πŸ‘‰@greatancheta πŸ˜€

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Wow that out crop of land in the background and the white sand and palm trees remind me of Boracay! I was pleasantly surprised in Siargao πŸ˜„

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Glad to see a place that's not over developed, calm where you can truly relax 🏝 and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. With all the technology around us it might be hard to unplug hahahahah but good to do so at least once in a while 😊

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