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Apero Neighborhood Cafe

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Coffee, wine, cocktails, beer, drinks and brunch and lunch and dinner at Apero in Corinthian Hills Quezon City along Temple Drive. Just had a cappuccino only in this video but I can see that this place would be good for chilling out for coffee and drinks! =================================== MABUHAY and Welcome to Planet Great TV a Vlog about food, travel, technology, people, real estate and life in Manila! Thanks for dropping by. Please subscribe, like, share and comment on the videos! ? Uploads daily! Have a great life ahead! :-) Cheers, Great For business inquiries, please send me a message :-) www.PlanetGreat.com

Chilis Dinner and Legazpi Village Parks

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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Hello World!

I was born in the year 1973. Not sure who took this picture but probably it was my Dad. He always loved taking pictures.

I was born into a Filipino Chinese family. My mom being Chinese and my Dad being Filipino. I can only imagine what my parents had to go through to get married at that time. I would think Chinese families are ultra-conservative so they typically marry their own kind here in the Philippines. I have heard stories from my Mom and Dad. Let's save that for another time!

Here's Mom and I in her arms on a bed. She looks pretty happy in the picture. She probably put on a lot of weight so that I would get enough nutrients. I remember growing up and she would buy anything I wanted to eat. Of course when going out and eating she would be the one the finish the left overs so that no need to take anything home. My parents I believe were renting a house first, then they  got their own  place. Believe this was at the rented house in the picture. My Mom's clothing I believe is a batik print and I guess was in fashion in the 70's. I had a batik shirt before and wore it to school a couple of times. Thanks Mom for bring me into this world!

Here's Dad and I on a bed. He looks mighty proud to have a baby boy his first born son! It's a big thing in Chinese families to have sons you know. I could probably be the peace offering to my Mom's father. Again he is sitting on the same bed that my Mom was sitting in. They maybe took turns taking pictures of each other. My father was a very humble man but a good a disciplining his children. He knows what he wants and has sacrificed a lot to get where he is. That's probably another story to tell.

Here's my Grandma, together with my Mom and Dad. My Grandma was always supportive of me and I have fond memories of her while growing up. We would visit her every Sunday! We would sit around the dining table. Their table was always filled with food and softdrinks. I would always be offered lots of food. An uncle of mine would always greet me every time we would visit. He would say "Hey fatso!". I didn't let it bother me. But anyway that's another story to tell.

Here's a picture of all my Aunties! The sisters of my mom! I guess as I child I am destined to be always surrounded by women! I wonder why people during this time didn't smile much. It's only the two solo shots above with my Mom and Dad where they were smiling. But I guess family photos maybe are considered to be more solemn and more serious? Maybe. My Mom was probably very happy all her sisters and her mom came over to show support.

While I was growing up to this very day people are mostly off about my ethnicity. They just can't place me. In the 1980's when there loads of Japanese around people think I was Japanese. In the more recent years people think that I am Korean. But what ever the case I have to keep explaining things every time I meet new people. I am used to it.

With my parents gone. All I have are pictures and some video. Rather than them gathering dust in a box somewhere, I am sharing bits and pieces of my life. Sharing observations, insights, ideas, thoughts that maybe you can relate to.

Would love to hear your reaction to this post in the comments below.

Have a GREAT day!

Black Canyon Coffee - Thai Restaurant

This Black Canyon Coffee branch is found in Ayala Malls the 30th along Meralco Avenue in Pasig. The restaurant is found on the top floor near the movie theaters. It services fusion Thai Cuisine!

I am a fan of Thai food so I just had to try this place out! I was in Bangkok and I think I saw this place out of the corner of my eye also. But I didn't get a chance to try it there. Fast forward to today and it is now in Manila!

Right at the entrance they have a standee showing that they have won a Pad Thai World Championship. This kinda drew us into the restaurant! Though must confess we didn't order the Phad Thai since well we wanted to try the other dishes.

We quickly got ourselves seated and grabbed the menu and proceeded to order. From the menu you can see that they have a wide array of choices from soups, salad, steaks, noodles, rice dishes, rice toppings, as well as traditional Thai ala carte dishes.

I was pleasantly surprised that they have a section on menu for dishes that have a health balance of items from 5 food groups. First time for me to see something like this.

Next up are pictures of what we ordered.

So this next picture is the curry prawns with chicken, mushrooms and chili. I must say the curry was just ok and it paired well of course sticky jasmine rice! I was originally not going to eat it with rice but realized you can't just eat curry by itself! My friend reminded me. So we shared a cup of rice.

This next dish is a favorite of mine. The prawn cakes!These are crunchy on the outside and soft and savory on the inside and goes well with the sweet chili sauce that accompanies it. Next time I visit I will be sure to order this again.

This next dish is the Tom Yum Pasta. I probably was expecting a lot given I love Tom Yum soup. The soup was good and flavor was spot on like the ones in Thailand. I didn't much care for the pasta in the soup. I dunno it felt like out of place. Felt that flat noodles would have been better to soak up more of the flavor.

Since the place is called Black Canyon Coffee, well you guessed it! They have coffee. I have yet to try their coffee. We decided to not get coffee when we visited as we were probably craving for some milk tea instead. If you do get to try, let me know what you think about their coffee.

Also they have various cakes in their display case like sansrival, blueberry cheesecake, and others. We also didn't order this cause we were already full from the rice and the pasta =). The cakes would probably go well with their coffee.


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So if you have tried this place let me know what you think. What's your favorite dish? What are other thai restaurants that you would recommend?

Soban K-Town Grill Korean Food Restaurant Greenbelt Makati

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Monday, September 10, 2018

Breakfast at Antonio's Tagaytay

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5 Reasons Why You Should Try Rustic Mornings by Isabelo

We visit Rustic Mornings by Isabelo. This Marikina restaurant serves breakfast and or brunch food, has a large outside alfresco dining area, a garden, and lots of parking. Check out post below as well as a video I put together of the place and the food!

I sure will visit this place again.

5 Reasons Why You Should Try Rustic Mornings by Isabelo

1. Lots of parking - after getting to the gate of this place you might think you have to park on the street. But good thing about Rustic Mornings is the fact that they have lots of parking inside the property. Just get into the main gate past the guards and they will usher you to available parking. I have been to some other restaurants in Marikina and sad to say it was a challenge to find parking! Anyway just make sure to go there before the peak hours.

2. Garden - Longing to get close to nature. The outside area has a lot of lush green plants! It's like your in a forest. As my friends commented, "You don't have to go to Tagaytay to eat and experience nature, you can experience it here at Rustic Mornings." I was actually surprised to see such a place in Markina city. It's rare to see a nice garden well maintained in the city these days. I myself don't have a green thumb but I admire those people who do!

3. Alfresco dining area - For those who enjoy the fresh air and outdoor dining, this place is for you. Rustic Mornings has a lot of alfresco dining areas some areas are semi private separated by plants or shells. And then the other areas can cater to a lot of people be it a wedding, corporate event or what not. This place is pretty versatile be it for outdoor events.

4. Air-conditioned dining area - Fancy a cooler atmosphere? Well then the air-conditioned dining area is just for you. With it's quaint rustic decor, the colors blue and white, you can comfortably dine in peace while peeking outside through the window at other people dining. The atmostphere is pretty much for families or groups of friends.

5. Food - Well of course the last reason then must be the food. These are the dishes we ordered and they are pretty tasty! I enjoyed them all with my friends. And all of the dishes were good!

a. Beef Tapa - Tapa was slightly sweet together with the  vinegar sauce and the rice it was perfect for breakfast! I was able to sample this cause my friend told us to dig in heheheheh

b. Meat Lovers Omelette - This was my order. I usually order omelettes if they have them like at Pancake house. This one I loved cause of all the sausages, the bread (though a lot) and love the butter and jam spread.

c. Spinach and Arugula Salad - this salad has apples also and capers. I enjoyed this salad but wished there there more portion for the serving.

d. Toast Tower with Grilled Peaches - Thick slices of bead with ice cream and grilled peaches. My oh my I enjoyed every bite! You gotta slice a part of the peach and the bread and the ice cream and put it all together and then stuff it in your mouth!

e. Truffle Mushroom Pasta - I was surprised that this was a super big serving good for sharing. My friend who enjoys pasta and breads finished the remainder of it all. It was super creamy and what I loved about it is the generous serving of the sauce! The noodles were actually swimming in the sauce!

Other notes

1. Newspaper feature - you can check out this news clipping right at the entrance of the air-conditioned dining area.

2. Apparently the owner loves collecting things and people give them stuff. Check out this wall in the restaurant as well as the bathroom with lots of perfume bottles!

3. The owner just lives right in the compound =)

What the place would be great for?

1. Wedding receptions
2. Family gatherings
3. Reunions
4. Escape from the city brunch
5. Corporate outing
6. Coffee break


Hope you enjoy this video I put together.

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Saturday, September 8, 2018

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Escala Hotel Tagaytay

Whenever I go to Tagaytay, it's usually eating at some restaurant, then grab some coffee at another place or eat at another restaurant again. Some of these places have good views of Taal Lake and Volcano.

It was my first time to visit Escala Tagaytay upon recommendation from, get this, a non-Filipino! We were taking a friend around to visit Tagaytay for his first time. I was pleasantly surprised and in awe at the spectacular view this property had to offer. I felt as if it was my first time again to visit Tagaytay because of this new view.

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Escala Hotel Tagaytay

1. Parking - This hotel is found along a road off the Tagaytay - Nasugmbu highway! Escala has parking right across the property (actually diagonally). It is best to probably go there during non-peak hours when the place could be full like lunch time or dinner. The parking has a security guard house and parking slots are well labelled. Then a 10 second walk brings you to the entrance of Escala Tagaytay! Please see the google map image and the red "X" is where parking is located.

2. Cake and Coffee - Coffee person? But not a fan of the other places that are over commercialized with so many people? Well would suggest this place as they have good cakes and decent coffee and other basic drinks. We especially liked the 3 cake offering which you will see in the video. Their restaurant is called Belissima and is found to the left side once you enter the main doors to Escala. They have lots of seating with natural lighting.

3. Rooms and Function Rooms - Need a quick escape from city life? Overnight or a couple of days? Or maybe you need a place for a wedding or wedding reception? Or maybe you need a place for corporate functions like meetings or events?  Escala has a function room as well as various room types for that perfect stay.

Escala Tagaytay In-Room Amenities:

Air conditioner
Bathrobes (Premiere, Executive and Prestige rooms only)
Bottled water
Direct dial telephone
Flat screen cable TV
Hair dryer
In-room safe
Ironing facilities (available for all room categories except for Deluxe and Deluxe Premiere rooms, in which we offer pressing service with charge)
Private balcony
Wi-Fi Internet access
USB Port charger

4. Infinity pool - If you are looking for a Tagaytay hotel with pool, this place has a beautiful pool! Which gives the place a resort type of vibe.

Other Escala Tagaytay Hotel Facilities:

Sky deck
Spa (coming soon)
In-room massage service
Gym and fitness center

5. Spectacular views of Taal Lake and Volcano - Aside from being a hotel  it also counts as a tourist spot since they have an amazing view of Taal Lake and Volcano! As you can see in this picture you can wake up either with a view of Taal lake or the Infinity pool.


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Book Escala Tagaytay Now!

Get to Know the MRT Ayala Station

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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Funny Cleanliness Tips Chat

Cleanliness one of your pet peeves? Well In this video I chat with the boss about cleanliness and hygiene tips, cleaning tips to share and handling some difficult situations. As some people say cleanliness is close to godliness. Good to learn for  kids also. Hope you enjoy watching this little talk show video as I did making it laughing with the boss. Hope also you learn something new so that it will help us all get along better with each other. The world is getting smaller and smaller.

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Cafe Mediterranean

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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Robot Vacuum Cleaners - 10 Things to Consider

Shopping for a robot vacuum cleaner or a vacuum robot can be a daunting task given the various options out there, here are a couple of considerations that you can take into consideration. I also add a couple of wish list items which maybe don't exist yet but maybe it will in the future!

I took up Manufacturing Engineering and Management at De La Salle University and I was always fascinated with technology. Particularly how all things work together and the possibility of inventing something new that will help life become easier. As such back in college most of our thesis were about robots. This was back in 1995-1996.

Fast forward to today, the technology for robotics as grown by leaps and bounds and is entering each and every nook and cranny of our lives regardless of how mundane or dull that aspect is. The aspect of this article is about cleaning at home! Yes there are robots that clean homes and buildings i.e. floor, windows etc. I remember watching an Astroboy the movie and seeing animated window cleaners cleaning windows in a building.

10 Things to Take Into Consideration when Shopping for a Robot Vacuum Cleaner

robot vacuum, robot vacuum cleaner, robot vacuum amazon, vacuum vacuum cleaner, vacuum robot, vacuum pump, vacuum storage bag1. Versatility and Accessories - this covers the ability of the robot vacuum to clean up what ever the mess be it dust, hair, liquid, tough stains and maybe even poop! The robot should be able to detect the type of mess be it water, dust, etc. The robot should have various attachments depending on what is being cleaned i.e. mop to soak up wet stuff, sweeping, vacuuming, drying etc. The robot should have enough power for tough cleaning and also gentle depending on what is being cleaned. And at the end of it all it should be self cleaning.

2. Control - control of the robot vacuum would be great if it can be done remotely either via wifi, Bluetooth, voice control, via an app or other means.You should be able to provide orders for the robot to commence its work as well as change orders or stop all together. As with all remote technology is concerned if the robot is part of the internet of things being connected to wifi, manufacturers should have the proper safe guards in place to prevent hackers from taking control of the equipment.

3. Maneuverability and Programming - as with all robots they should be able to work on their own and sense objects which are immobile and mobile, be aware of their surroundings to be able to get the job done. This being aware could be by automation if any artificial intelligence is included or some programmable mapping of rooms, zones, areas, locations that could be pre-programmed. Frequency and schedule of cleaning can programmed into the robot. Depending on what needs to be cleaned be it an edge or hard to reach location, the robot vacuum should be able to sense this and clean accordingly.

4. Safety - given a location may have various levels the robot vacuum should be able to sense if it will be dropping of a cliff, bumping into something, sense objects etc. Would think it would have some defensive driving mechanism so as to avoid bumping and then resume the work where it left off. Objects of course to avoid could be mobile or immobile objects. Mobile objects could be tricky because you could have adults, children, pets, strollers, chairs, toys and a lot more. Depending on the time of the day say in an office building there could be a lot of people like during rush hour. Infrared sensors would think would play a key role in this aspect as well as some AI programming that car makers are using.

5. Dust Bin Capacity - based on how much work is to be done then need to make sure the built in dustbin of the vacuum should be big enough so that you don't have to keep on emptying it all the time. Wouldn't it be great if robot vacuum can empty it's own dust bin? Then again wouldn't it be great if the vacuum is something like Wall-E in the movie. I remember the 80's when we take vacuum storage bag and hook it up to the vacuum cleaner. These were big storage bags.

Someone actually made one! See the video below!

6. Climbing - wouldn't it be great if the robot vacuum can climb stairs or inclined surfaces? Well to some extent  they can go on inclined surfaces. Wall-E though can go everywhere.There should be sufficient power and torque to get the whole robot up an incline if ever. Some models have sufficient power for such. Just check the specifications.

7. Battery life - since this robot is on it's own as long as you can program it well it better have long enough battery life unless it can charge it's self like Wall-E using solar panels! The challenge today is the size of batteries. But I must say batteries have been getting smaller and smaller as evidenced by those power banks that keep on increasing in amperage and the size of the power bank is getting smaller. There are even wireless charging platforms that can be used so would be good for these robot vacuums to get back to home base where there is a wireless charging pad. Wouldn't that be nifty? Some power banks already exist that does this.

Here's a video about the evolution of the battery

8. Quiet - When you mention the word vacuum cleaner, the first thing that comes to mind is the super loud sound for cleaning. You can hear it on the street outside or in the hallway! Wouldn't it be great if the robot vacuum cleaner had some noise cancelling effect so you won't hear it. But of course if this robot is working you don't want to make a mistake tripping on it cause you didn't hear it. So some other indicator of it being active like a beeping sound or other sound that is calming and / or light would help.

9. Warranty - as with any product it's good if the product comes with a warranty for a good length of time. Usually this length of time is 1 year. There are products that place tamper resistant stickers to tell you that if you open the product on your own the warranty is void. So please be wary of such. If in doubt always ask support! It's also good to ask for warranty where to send the product if it needs to be sent in and who shoulders the charges!  

10. Support - When you get a product make sure that the support team is ready and willing to help you out. Robots these days come with so many electronic and mechanical parts! Then you got the software in the robot vacuum if any that controls the electronics and then the mechanical parts. If you like tinkering with electronics it probably is best to make use of the warranty and get the experts of the product to help fix the product first before going at it on your own. Support for various products these days usually come in a wide variety of channels be it email, online chat, skype, phone etc. Usually type of support varies per country or region that you are in or where you have purchased the product.

Example of a Robot Vacuum Cleaner


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